Patient Safety Documentary

What a beautiful post that Steve reminds us all to be kind and silly everyday. 💙

For the last three years, I have been praying about what we needed to do in Sydney’s memory so this tragedy never happens again. Unfortunately, you may have read from one of my previous posts, it was two years to the day that 17 year old Austin Silva died the exact same way. I continued to pray about what to do and last March (2018), Dr. Steve Yun, M.D., a Dental Anesthesiologist in Santa Ana, CA reached out to Steve and I through Sydney’s Foundation website. We spoke on the phone and thought everything he said was too good to be true because he was saying all the things I had been praying about. Fast forward, we met with Dr. Yun last May and witnessed what passion he has advocating for patient safety. We agreed to make a documentary in hopes of preventing any such tragedy again. 

The 5 minute documentary tells the story of Sydney and the need for patient safety during surgery.  It is a reminder to us all that the safety of the patient comes first. It is also to inform us that we need to be advocates for our children, family and friends when it comes to any type of surgery to be sure guidelines are followed. We can NEVER GIVE UP when it comes to patient safety. 

Thank you to all who have followed Syd’s story for the last 4 years and have prayed for us. Thank you for always talking to us about her…we love talking about her and finding out new stories…some good and some that we probably didn’t want to know 😜 It’s all of you and our faith that we have continued to be able to live our life More Like Syd.

Steve and I both laugh that we have a face for radio and not video 😀