2016 Golf Success!

Thank you for joining us at the 1st Annual Sydney M. Galleger Memorial Golf Event at Stonebrooke Golf Club.

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Success in 2016

Our inaugural event took our breath away with so much support from the community, friends, family and local businesses.  Our team worked hard to get so many sponsors and donors for raffle and silent auction items.  On top of that, we went over our expectations and goals with 134 golfers.  Your support and  participation in the 2016 event netted over $16,000 from proceeds of golf event, raffle and silent auction!





If you lived ten times, you still would not find a better all-around person than Sydney Michele Galleger.  Her passion; her treatment of others;  the way she approached the totality of life – and – the way she conquered every single task of life – (big or small) – Sydney will remain in a class all by herself.  However, true to form, Syd would say: “Hey, I’d really love some company.”  Simply stated, that’s the reason for this foundation/website and is also the fuel behind all that will done in her honor.  We simply will not, ever, ever let go of our love for Sydney!

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A Moment with Mom

Dear Syd,

One year ago today you posted your last Instagram picture ever. Never could we imagine that your last picture would be of clouds opening up to the heavens and how symbolic it became. It continues to amaze me how many people visit your cloud picture and post beautiful comments to you. Thank you all for putting some gladness in my heart (Psalm 4:7).

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Pool Dedicated

The eight-lane pool in the Eden Prairie Aquatics Center that will be used for diving competitions will now be named for Sydney Galleger. A dedication ceremony on Monday, Nov. 23, offered another opportunity to honor the Eden Prairie High School student, who passed away in June after complications from wisdom teeth extraction surgery.