No Day Shall Erase You From The Memory of Time

Dear Syd,

Happy 22nd birthday.

There’s nothing I can say that I haven’t said before. Dad, Jack and I miss you more than ever. We still expect you to pull into the garage in your red Jeep (Libby) and walk in the house with a big smile on your face. But then reality sets in and we know your in the “big” house, God’s house. It still hurts and the panic sets in.

Why aren’t you here? I know you’re here, just not physically. I still can’t wrap my head around how it all happened. I relive it and can’t unsee it. It’s still a nightmare I wish I could wake up from but can’t. I have to go on and I’ve only been able to do that through my faith in Christ. Suffering sucks but it’s made my faith stronger. I try to live each day to the fullest without regret like you did…I do my best. 

Five birthdays five, that we’ve celebrated without you physically. We will celebrate you in New York this weekend and continue our Random Acts of Kindness in honor of you. And, of course, find some buttermilk pancakes to celebrate your birthday 🥰 Wherever we are, you are. I visualize you and Amanda running through acres and acres of beautiful wild flowers holding hands. Sweet. That gives me a little peace and a smile. Dad, Jack and I love you more and miss you more than ever. 



P.S. Yesterday we went to the 911 memorial. I can’t even describe the feeling of all those that lost their lives to this senseless tragedy. I remember watching this as it happened in 2001. It was heavy and emotional as we walked through the memorial and touched the names of all those that lost their lives. We just prayed for their families. Towards the very end of the tour, there was a quote that we found so beautiful to all those that know what it means to suffer a loss:

No Day Shall Erase You From The Memory of Time ~ Virgil