Hey Syd…It’s Daddy-O

Hey Syd…

Its Daddy-O, Love ya, Love ya more, you win.

Hey Syd, I have a quick question – What’s with all these boys that are showing up to the house?  Don’t get me wrong, they are all great guys, they are always welcome, but we will need to talk later.

Hey Syd – We are so very proud of you…

  • The way you carried yourself, the friends you surrounded yourself with and the way you loved little kids especially your cousins Ella, Liam and Nora
  • We are so very proud of the hard work and dedication to your school work. You got your good looks from your mom, but unfortunately got my intellect which means we have to work harder than others and you did just that.
  • We are so very proud of your athletic accomplishments, nine varsity letters– in sports your mom and I couldn’t help you with…we are so proud of you being named Captain of the Dive team for your senior year.
  • We are so very proud of the Volunteer work you did via National Charity league – you thoroughly embraced the tasks with a kindness and maturity well beyond your age
  • We are so very proud of you taking on a leadership role within NCL, leading as president of the class of 2016 with confidence and grace.
  • We are so very proud of you being an organ donor – because you thoughtfully checked a box while getting your drivers license – others are able to live on and you will live on with them.

Hey Syd – you remembered the Galleger Family Value – Never, never quit – and You never quit on anything– when things were not going your way and you were tired, you saw everything to the end.  Whether it was Sports, school work, DECCA projects, NCL events, your steadfast efforts and focus was amazing.

Hey Syd – we always were so impressed with your adventurous side.  You were willing to try anything such as learn to scuba dive, walking on to the high school diving team as a 7th grader, walking on to the Alpine Ski team as a freshman when you had not skied a lot, you campaigned to became the 2016 class President for NCL.  You pushed yourself outside your comfort zone with a confidence that we also admired.

Hey Syd – a tattoo?  Really, seriously?  Ok, I’m in, mom is still thinking about it.

Hey Syd – Baby Blue is your favorite color – we never knew.  We think everyone knows now.

Hey Syd – Jack loves you very much – and is missing you deeply.  He was with you most of last week and greeted everyone yesterday at the viewing.  I am sure you are as proud of him as we are.  Your friends have been so great to wrap their arms around him.  He plans to drive Libby in your honor, but we will see how long that will last, you know he likes sports cars more than SUV’s.

Hey Syd – remember mom and I said quit taking so many selfies – thanks for not listening.  WE love all the pictures; the poses, funny faces, capturing you and all your friends.  Your smile was always so genuine and beautiful.

Hey Syd – by the way, what’s the password on your phone?  I get it you didn’t want to take video of yourself post surgery like other have so you changed your password that Tuesday morning, but we want to get to all the pictures.

Hey Syd – you are so beautiful, both inside and out.  Kids that had meet you a few times or simply saw you around have told us how welcoming and inclusive you were.  Always so approachable and nice.  You were looked up to by many and you did it without an ego – it was just the way you are.  You gave to so many people your time, love, attention – your unselfish giving is a reason why so many people have come to our support.

Hey Syd – where is your Butter Milk Pancake recipe?  We need to get Jen and Emily up to speed so I can have my pancakes.

Hey Syd – You have made a lasting impression so many people in such a short period of time, is simply amazing – we knew you were special, we are proud to now know, everyone else in the community and abroad thinks so too.

Hey Syd – Love ya, Love more – you win.