Hey Syd, its Daddy-o

Hey Syd, its Daddy-o…

Sorry it has been so long since we chatted (like this).  Last time, I was powered by pure adrenaline, fear after spending 6 days with you in the hospital and knowing there will be a rough road ahead for us.  Over the last three years, Mom has had the strength and words to document our feelings and changes in our lives; she has been incredibly articulate and graceful in doing so.  She is the writer of the family and I am no competition.  So, after three years, I sit here with tears in my eyes; it’s now time for us to catch up.

Hey Syd – we spent a fair amount of time over the last two years being your “voice” for what happened. KFP and her team were great in helping us do so and we greatly appreciate their expertise.  However, there is still more to do and to say.  We are working with a small group to create a documentary addressing safety measures that can be and should be done.  Unfortunately, I have a “face for radio” so it’s good the content and message of this documentary will be stronger than the actor.

Hey Syd – Jack is off to the U of St. Thomas this fall.  Mom and I are so very proud of him and his accomplishments as I am sure you are too. I am sad at times he has had to mature so quickly and those his age can’t understand what he is dealing with.  He does at times still have a swagger. The dude is slightly taller than me and he isn’t shy to remind me of such.  His grad party was a hit and he did a great job greeting folks.  Send him signs you are there, I know he misses you dearly and would appreciate it.

Hey Syd – I know that I told you Jack would continue to drive Libby but it was tough to do.  We did sell Libby to get a car for Jack, but every time I see a Libby on the road, I smile.

Hey Syd – as promised, I got a tattoo, so did Mom.  It was funny, Mom went back a few more times, she now likes tattoos.  Actually, 15 of us got inked on that day.   Jack also got one; we had to drive him down to Sioux Falls, SD to get it done because he wasn’t 18 yet but it was worth it.  He has since added a second tat, which says “Never Give Up”; as you know all too well is one of our family values.

Hey Syd – we still have not figured out a way into your phone.  What is on there you don’t want me to see?

Hey Syd – unfortunately you are not alone now with Austin and Kate.  Please let them know they are missed and loved as much as you are.

Hey Syd – I am looking forward to this evening; the girls and guys are coming over to make your pancakes. Love having them here; the energy, the laughter, their presence is always welcomed.  You have a great group of friends and your Mom and I are blessed to continue to have them in our lives.

Hey Syd – keep sending me notes from above, yes I see them; the first family trip without you and we got off the plane and directly in front of us was a Delta Air advertisement for a trip to Sydney, Australia, the car I followed a while ago that had a Minnesota license plate that said “SYDNEY”, a car in Nurburg, Germany while on spring break with #Sydney on the window and the sign in the dorm at TCU, to name a few.  It is clear to me, from that afternoon on campus, you and your sister would have been Horn Frogs.

Hey Syd – Pastor Lillejord coined the phrase “BeMoreSyd” and it has taken on a life of its own.  It is the web address of your foundation and its even on a race car (thanks Dr. W).  The EP students as well as other schools around town were great remembering and honoring BeMoreSyd over the last few years.    We still see the diver stickers on cars and blue brackets on folks.

Hey Syd – thanks by the way for bringing “Baby Blue” into my wardrobe.  It has a way of highlighting my increasingly gray hair.

Hey Syd – we are not going to do the golf outing this year.  While it was fun and it raised money for numerous scholarships, it is a ton of work for a lot of people and your Mom and I wanted all of the volunteers to enjoy their summer not having to plan for the golf event.  With that said, I still think we should have an informal Diving Contest one of these days.

Hey Syd – your foundation with FEPS has granted 23 scholarships totaling $57,500 over the last three years.  Divers, synchronize swimmers, skiers and those in DECA have benefited from your college scholarships.  While the golf tournament helped fund your foundation and Foundation for EP Schools (FEPS), if folks still want to donate they can via www.bemoresyd.orgor www.foundationforepschools.org.

Hey Syd – one of the things I struggle with is fully expressing how appreciative I am for all that has been done to help us out over the last three years.  I fear at times I have not thanked everyone as sincerely as they deserve.  So many people have done so much for us with their generously, thoughtfulness and selfless acts, I don’t know how to thank everyone and fear I have missed someone.   If you have any ideas on how I can simply say THANK YOU to all, send them my way.

Hey Syd – again, sorry it has taken so long for me to share this, but know that you are greatly missed and loved by many; for me it still hurts terribly and I struggle with how brutally unfair this is, but always remember,

Love ya, love ya more…you win.  Daddy-o.