Happy 20th Birthday!

As you celebrate your 20th birthday in heaven Syd, our hearts still ache for you every day. I imagine your days are filled with glory where there are no tears, no sadness or sorrow.

There’s nothing I can say that I haven’t said before
Our life changed forever
When God blessed us with you
It changed again forever
When He called you home too soon
Our time is stamped in stillness

Your room remains the same
Not one new photo of you to put on your wall
Everything stopped when Jesus called you home
Our time is stamped in stillness

We miss your smiling face
We miss your infectious laughter
You always had such grace
And taught us what really mattered
Those times are stamped in stillness

I know you’re not alone
You have your sister and your cousin
And so many other’s we know
Sadly way more than a dozen

Our suffering has not gone in vain
He has given us faith to rise above
We know you are still near
You give signs to us everywhere
Our hearts still ache more than one can envision
Keeping your spirit alive is our ambition
If I could have just one last wish
It would be for you to be here
We miss you every day
Our time is stamped in stillness…until we meet again

Happy birthday Sydney Galleger 💙👼
Always love you more