If you lived ten times, you still would not find a better all-around person than Sydney Michele Galleger.  Her passion; her treatment of others;  the way she approached the totality of life – and – the way she conquered every single task of life – (big or small) – Sydney will remain in a class all by herself.  However, true to form, Syd would say: “Hey, I’d really love some company.”  Simply stated, that’s the reason for this foundation/website and is also the fuel behind all that will done in her honor.  We simply will not, ever, ever let go of our love for Sydney!

We live in a society where superlatives are a dime a dozen and every product on the market is the best ever – or – at the very least is new and improved.  (In reality, very little of it is true or is able to stand up to the test of time.)  In contrast, however, these two things are most certainly true and are irrefutable:

  1. Sydney was a rare and precious gift given to us by God – and –
  2. The world would be a much, much better place if everyone was: “More like Syd.”

David_StAndrew06APastor David Lillejord

Director for Sydney M. Galleger Foundation